Office address: Coventry Law Centre, Oakwood House St Patricks Road, Coventry, CV1 2HL


Urban Village: The Roma’s Allotment Project (March -July 2020)

Project Overview

Urban Villages aims to bring together Roma and non-Roma to co-create a  short film, images and a digital scrapbook exhibition that focuses on the experiences, identity and voices of the Roma people told by the Roma people. The film will then be shared with relevant stakeholders and the wider community to foster closer links and challenge stereotypes.

View the co-created digital scrapbooks.

View Roma artist Laura Tranca’s exhibition.

The Belgrade Theatre in Coventry hosted the final event and film screening. View the event write up.

Project Outcomes

  • Making creative practices and cultural values of the Roma community visible to the wide audience, fostering empathy through highlighting similarities with other practices, as well as tackling stereotypes.
  • Promoting the Roma voice and the arts outputs both as cultural heritage assets, and as resources for the cultural and creative industry value chain and minimize cultural appropriation.
  • Raising awareness on cultural appropriation through documenting and promoting authentic and original representations of the Roma culture through creating digital storytelling  films and an exhibition that celebrates the work they are carrying out in the community.
  • Understanding the needs of the Roma community in Coventry and suggest methodological tools to approach marginalised groups and their empowerment using the arts and digital storytelling as a platform.
  • Providing the Roma community with and access to advanced digital technologies and industry players which they would struggle to approach in other environments.
  • Allowing the Roma community to share their stories and voices using the arts-producing films and a travelling exhibition. Through sharing the work widely and highlighting these positive stories counternarratives are produced which begin to challenge the erroneous images that exist and are widely circulated.
  • Production of recommendations and sustainability plan for relevant parties wishing to engage with the project and understand how similar collaborations and projects might benefit a range of communities.

Officials partners include:

Coventry University- Dr. Rosemary (Rosa) Kostic Cisneros (Centre for Dance Research)

The University of Warwick -Dr. Heidi Ashton, Centre for Cultural and Media Policy Studies (CCMPS)

Reel Master Productions– Maria Polodeanu

Visit from Romanian Officials to Coventry, UK

(Sept 2019)

The minister of Romanians living abroad along with consulate officials visited Coventry, UK and the Roma Project came to meet local  Romanian citizens to discuss more about their experience of living abroad.  The Roma Project was delighted to facilitate this event and take part in the meeting.

The delegation included the following persons:

 Natalia-Elena Intotero – Minister for Romanians living abroad

Andreea Berechet, consul general of Romania in Manchester

Daniel Duță – director general, Logistics and Electoral Resources Department, Permanent Electoral Authority

Ion Mincu Rădulescu – counselor, Department for  International Cooperation and Public Relations, Permanent Electoral Authority

Raluca Stratulat, counselor to the secretary general, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Florin Ciornei, diplomat, Embassy of Romania in London

Marian Văduva, counselor, Ministry for Romanians Living Abroad

Iulian Iovan, clerk, Ministry for Romanians Living Abroad

Radu Alexandru – security detail