Office address: Broad Street Meeting Hall,124 Broad Street, Coventry, CV65BG

Meet the Team

Bernie Flatley – Project Manager

He is the manager of the project and has been helping the Roma Community for 30+ years. He travelled to Romania in the 90s and helped the people in various cities. He founded the Project in 2010 looking to help as many from the community as he could. He is a kind man, with a big heart that made a difference in the community and continues to do so.

Amir Tranca – Senior Adviser

Currently studying at university for a Business and Management degree whilst working for The Roma Project. He has been working for the project for 10 years helping the Roma Community to adapt to life in the UK. He arrived here around 2012 and started working with Bernie as a volunteer and then he got hired as an advisor. He is ambitious and perseverant, and he managed to secure the Senior Advisor position as per his dedication to the project and longevity in the workplace.

Claudia Tranca – Adviser

She came in the UK in 2012 and started out as a volunteer, as she was a student at university. She received the contract for the position in 2020. She has been working for the Roma Project since she came here and right now, she is studying for the NVQ level 4 in Advice in Guidance. She is very proud to call herself Roma and she is very happy that she can help the community, here, in Coventry.

Andreea Coporan – Admin Assistant/Adviser

She finished her university Law Degree in the UK and started working for us as a volunteer and then managed to secure a position as an Admin Assistant whilst taking clients for advice. She also takes now the NVQ level 4 for Advice and Guidance. She came to the UK in 2016 for university and decided that this is where she wants to live. She has been working for us for almost 2 years. Even though she is not from the Roma community, she enjoys helping people in need of help and she enjoys working on the Project.

Meet the Board

-Dave Faries

-Anca Popa

-Michelle Webb

-Yassmin Stanislava

-Dr Amalia Sabiescu

-Dr Rosa Cisneros