Office address: Broad Street Meeting Hall,124 Broad Street, Coventry, CV65BG


Roma Project is based in Coventry, UK.

The overall aim of The Roma Project is to tackle the exploitation of the Roma community in Coventry and to advance their social inclusion within the city. It will also use existing links to start building a regional network that can become part of a national network of local voices.

If you would like to come to see us we are available by appointment M/W/Th/F by appointment only from 9.00-17.00 at the Broad Street Meeting Hall.  Please ring the project manager to schedule a visit.  Our drop-in session is Tuesday from 9.00-11.30 at the Foleshills centre, Coventry.  For more information on our English classes, please ring the project manager at 07306 017999. In case of an emergency, please ring  07722555899.

Roma Project is based in Coventry, UK.


“Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in the West Midlands.”

This group will use its first-ever grant to provide advisory services and activities to support social inclusion and challenge negative stereotypes about the Roma community. The group will celebrate their cultural heritage and address issues such as hate crime, poverty, and ill health. Community meetings and advice sessions will be held for the Roma community to feedback on what problems they have experienced when accessing mainstream services, which will then be fed back to the service providers.

People’s Health Trust is an independent charity investing in local neighbourhoods to help create a society without health inequalities. It works closely with each of the regional and country lotteries raising money through The Health Lottery, and distributing grants.

The Roma Project win prestigious Romanian Ambassador award

Every year only 3-5 organisations receive this Diploma from the Romanian Ambassador. This year the Roma Project was selected for their work with Romanian Roma families in Coventry, UK.

10-year Anniversary of the Roma Project

On the 2nd of November 2021 we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the Roma Project where we had as guests in our office, the Consulate of Romania, the Mayor of Coventry, the CEO of Central England Law Centre and the other members of our team and after having a full day we then have a good lunch with traditional food and everyone spoke with each other.

We met with the Consul General of Romania and Lady Godiva at Coventry Council, where we received a tour of Coventry with all the history. We visited the Council, Cathedral and other important buildings and places that had historic implications for Coventry history.

Then we came back to the office on Broad Street, where we had a short meeting when everyone involved told a short story about The Roma Project and how they got to work with us during the years, including the Consul General of Romania. The Lord Mayor also had a few words to share with us, and then a Romanian traditional lunch was served and we spent time with each other in an incredible homey atmosphere.


The project Steps to Empowerment and Improving Access to Mainstream Services (2018-2021) has been funded by The Big Lottery Fund to enable the Coventry-based charity The Roma Project to support capacity and capability building and sustain processes of social inclusion for the local Roma community. This report describes the results of an evaluation and impact assessment study which collected evidence by means of a community survey, internal documentation and interviews with charity staff and local service providers. The analysis considered how the project’s aims and targeted outputs and outcomes measured up against its achievements, giving careful consideration to the bearing of contextual challenges associated with the effects of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic on the local socio-economic and political environment. On this basis, it offers a detailed assessment of the project’s effectiveness, efficiency and contribution to long-term impacts on the Coventry Roma community, as well as remaining challenges and recommendations.


Visit from Romanian Officials to Coventry, UK (Sept 2019)

The minister of Romanians living abroad along with consulate officials visited Coventry, UK and the Roma Project came to meet local Romanian citizens to discuss more their experience of living abroad. The Roma Project was delighted to facilitate this event and take part in the meeting. Here is a short highlight video of the day. For full version visit the NEWS section of the website.