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Visit from Romanian Officials to Coventry, UK

(Sept 2019)

The minister of Romanians living abroad along with consulate officials visited Coventry, UK and the Roma Project came to meet local  Romanian citizens to discuss more about their experience of living abroad.  The Roma Project was delighted to facilitate this event and take part in the meeting.

The delegation included the following persons:

 Natalia-Elena Intotero – Minister for Romanians living abroad

Andreea Berechet, consul general of Romania in Manchester

Daniel Duță – director general, Logistics and Electoral Resources Department, Permanent Electoral Authority

Ion Mincu Rădulescu – counselor, Department for  International Cooperation and Public Relations, Permanent Electoral Authority

Raluca Stratulat, counselor to the secretary general, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Florin Ciornei, diplomat, Embassy of Romania in London

Marian Văduva, counselor, Ministry for Romanians Living Abroad

Iulian Iovan, clerk, Ministry for Romanians Living Abroad

Radu Alexandru – security detail