Office address: Coventry Law Centre, Oakwood House St Patricks Road, Coventry, CV1 2HL


Roma Project is based in Coventry, UK.

The overall aim of The Roma Project is to tackle exploitation of the Roma community in Coventry and to advance their social inclusion within the city. It will also use existing links to start to build a regional network that can become part of a national network of local voices.

If you would like to come see us we are available by appointment M/W/Th/F by appointment only from 8.00-12.00 at the Coventry Law Centre.  Please ring the project manager to schedule a visit.  Our drop-in session is Tuesday from 9.00-11.30 at the Foleshills centre, Coventry.  For more information on our English classes, please ring the project manager.


The Roma Project is about to complete a 3-year project funded by the Metropolitan Migration Foundation (February 2015 – January 2018). An independent evaluator has been appointed to conduct an evaluation of the activities conducted by The Roma Project, which for the past 3 years spanned: building capacity for the local Roma community and enabling them to strengthen voice and autonomy for social, civic and economic participation; further dialogue and communication among the Roma community and the multicultural population of Coventry on the one hand, and public authorities on the other; and strengthen its own institutional capacity and workflows for providing timely, efficient and reliable support to the Roma community. The report will be published in February 2018 and made available on the Roma Project website.